One Business Card
Unlimited Networking

Fill in the template and order one in less than a minute.

Cardanti Cover
Timeless app

One Business Card

You only need one card to share your contact details be it in face to face or online meetings.

One app. No tap

One Tap. No App

You don't have to install anything. Cardanti works through the smartphone's Internet Browser.

One business profile

One business profile

Your contact details can be edited at any time. Phone, Address, Social Links, Videos, Presentations.

Which Cardanti is right for you?

For You Personal Cardanti Card

  • Choose Light Theme, or go to the Dark Side
  • Six beautifully selected colors to choose from
  • Personalize it with your name/role/company

For Your Business Business Cardanti Card

  • Custom business cards to match your brand
  • Self hosting module
  • Special prices based on quantity